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Good News Story from Jacob M. Wright
"A friend of mine was being ordained as a Bishop in the Anglican church, in Goulburn Cathedral near Canberra, Australia. His friend the Archbishop of New Zealand was asked to come over and preach the sermon. He told a story of Jesus being welcomed into heaven after his ascension, and everyone had a huge party. An archangel couldn't find Jesus and went looking. Jesus was leaning over the verandah rail, looking the distance. The archangel asked what he was doing. Jesus replied, 'Waiting for Judas.'
There is no limit to the love and mercy of God.
- Peter Llewellyn


 I(not me but Francios) dreamt one night that I was in a lecture room taking down the following notes: A memory has 3 ingredients:

• the actual event or thought

• my reaction or specific experience of the event and

• the effect the memory continues to have in my life.

The event cannot be wished away; it is historic and on record, but the effect that it has on me now, can be challenged. The greatest thrill and joy in my life is to experience divine feedback from the thoughts God inspires in me. There is nothing that overwhelms and fulfills me more than the awareness of his presence in me. “He is indeed my exceeding great reward”.

At the same time I struggle with the frustration of having to deal with interruptions to this sacred encounter. Not necessarily the interruptions of people and circumstances, but often my own temperament seemed to contradict and spoil my wonderful awareness and feelings of bliss.

I am amazed that one can enjoy a most wonderful encounter with God, an overwhelming awareness of his presence and indwelling, and moments later to find oneself getting irritated or annoyed with something or someone.

I still respond in anger or worry when I know that something can only upset me with my permission. It seems to me that I am stuck with some stupid habits. Especially when I feel tired and under pressure, I tend to over-react and then to take it out on the very people I care for most. Eish!

The “three memory ingredients” in my dream made me realize that one’s mind is much like a computer, and that many “memory files” could still have a conscious or even sub-conscious effect on one’s life. Old habits then feed off these memories and trigger various reactions that could trap one in frustration and embarrassment. Habits can either be the result of genetically transmitted traits or the effect of decisions and thought-patterns developed over time. Paul says that we have weapons that are powerfully employed to demolish every stronghold. A stronghold suggests a mindset that is triggered into action often by a single thought! The revelation of the consequence of the obedience of Christ is the sharp edge of the spear-point with which we arrest every thought and thus demolish every stronghold. 2 Cor 10:4-5.

The KJV or NAS translates this verse correctly, “the obedience of Christ is the key, not, “to obey Christ” like many translations suggest! If your victory had anything to do with your obedience then then your willpower or decision could save you; then you wouldn’t need a Savior! See Rom 3:27 To know the truth is to overcome an already defeated foe. The anti-virus protection on your PC is a good example of the filter-effect of the word of truth.

 Heb 4:12. There exists no sin or evil that can escape the scrutiny of the consequence of his obedience in my confession and conscience. I am convinced that the only effective way to address this problem with confidence and authority, is to consider the two “out of all proportion to man’s historic experience” realities: (Rom 5:17-19) 1/ As a living spirit I am designed in the image and likeness of a perfect God. He loves me and is not embarrassed about me. His image and likeness is preserved in my spirit, just like the watermark in a paper note; everything else about me is subject to change. 2/ The death and resurrection of Jesus on humanity’s behalf remains the eternal witness to man’s acquittal. He successfully rescued his image and likeness in me! There is nothing wrong with me because there is nothing wrong with my design or my redemption!It is our thinking that was wrong! Isa 55:8-11.

Meditating on these truths brings immediate victory. Faith awakens and releases the love of God and then enables us to forgive ourselves, and those who have sinned against us. Any ground for guilt, disappointment, anger or even depression is effectively removed.

We must determine to see ourselves exclusively in the light of God’s opinion: “in your light do we see the light!” Ps 36:9. Light always dispels darkness. A renewed mind conquers the space that was previously occupied by worthless pursuits. Overcoming the effect of negative memories and bad habits become real trophies in one’s life. A point of weakness now becomes strength, instead of fear, a sense of positive expectation rules.

And while, like an eagle, I sit quietly on the edge of a cliff, the previous flight remains fresh in my mind. The adrenaline is already bursting with expectation for the next adventure. The Hebrew word ‘KAWVA’ in Isaiah 40 ‘…wait upon the Lord’ literally means to be intertwined. Now life becomes really meaningful. It is not necessary to ever so often faint with frustration. Knowing the secret of soaring like an eagle makes one comfortable with any pace.

Heb10:1 For the law presented to us a faint shadow, outlining the promise of the blessings anticipated in the coming of Christ, even detailing its future significance. The mere sketch however, could never be confused with the actual object that it represented. The annual sacrificial rites as shadow of the eventual object would always leave the worshipper feeling inadequate and be a reminder year after year of the sinfulness of man.

 Heb 10:2 If it was possible to present the perfect offering that had the power to successfully remove any trace of a sin-consciousness, then the sacrificial system would surely cease to be relevant. (The measure of success must be such that God’s affirmation of our innocence would be reflected. [See Heb 10:17])

 Heb 10:3 But in the very repetition of these ritual sacrifices the awareness of guilt is reinforced rather than removed.

 Heb 10:19 Brethren, this means that through what the blood of Jesus communicates and represents, we are now welcome to access this ultimate place of sacred encounter with unashamed confidence.


Heb 10:20 A brand new way of life has been introduced. Because of his flesh torn on the cross (our own flesh can no longer be a valid excuse to interrupt the expression of the life of our design).

 Heb 10:21 We have a High Priest in the house!

 Heb 10:22 We are free to approach him with absolute confidence, fully persuaded in our hearts that nothing can any longer separate us from him. We are invited to draw near now! We are thoroughly cleansed with no trace of sin’s stains on our conscience or conduct. The sprinkled blood purges our inner thought-patterns; our bodies also are bathed in clean water. (Our behavior bears witness to this.) Heb 10:23 Our conversation echoes his persuasion; his faithfulness backs his promises. (His integrity inspires our confession.)

 Heb 4:11 Let us therefore be prompt to understand and fully appropriate that rest and not fall again into the same trap that snared Israel in unbelief. (The believed a lie about themselves, Num 13:33)

Heb_4:12 The message that God spoke to us in Christ is the most life giving and dynamic influence in us, cutting like a surgeon’s scalpel, sharper than a soldier’s sword, piercing to the deepest core of human conscience to the dividing of soul and spirit; ending the dominance of the sense realm and its neutralizing effect upon the human spirit. In this way man’s spirit is freed to become the ruling influence again in the thoughts and intentions of the heart. The scrutiny of this word detects every possible disease, discerning the body’s deepest secrets where joint and bone-marrow meet. (The moment we cease from our own efforts to justify ourselves, by yielding to the integrity of the message that announces the success of the Cross, God’s word is triggered into action. What God spoke to us in sonship (the incarnation), radiates his image and likeness in our redeemed innocence. [Heb 1:1-3] This word powerfully penetrates and impacts our whole being; body, soul and spirit.)

 Heb 4:13 The whole person is thoroughly exposed to his scrutinizing gaze. Every creature’s original form is on record in the Word. (Representing God’s desire to display his image and likeness in man.)

 Heb 4:14 In the message of the incarnation we have Jesus the Son of God representing humanity in the highest place of spiritual authority. That which God has spoken to us in him is his final word. It is echoed now in the declaration of our confession.

Heb 4:15 As High Priest he fully identifies with us in the context of our frail human lives. Having subjected it to close scrutiny, he proved that the human frame was master over sin. His sympathy with us is not to be seen as excusing weaknesses that are the result of a faulty design, but rather as a trophy to humanity. (He is not an example for us but of us.)

Heb 4:16 For this reason we can approach the authoritative throne of grace with bold utterance. We are welcome there in his embrace, and are 1reinforced with immediate effect in times of trouble. (The word, 1boetheia, means to be reinforced, specifically a rope or chain for frapping a vessel in a storm.)


 From God Believes in You - Du Toit, Francois. 

 Prone to Love - Author Jason Clark

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