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Okay let us go back to the time of Jesus and remember all the statements Jesus left us. Much of what He said would happen did come to pass in the 40-50 years that were to follow. The Apostles continued Jesus's ministry in the power of Holy Spirit and performed many Jesus like supernatural acts of love and mercy.

The church leaders of that day had too much time and energy invested in the previous Old Testament way of serving God they couldn't let go of it and were blinded to the very Christ and the new abundant life he so clearly presented to them as leaders or followers of this old religious system.

They were against the very God that they thought they loved and served. They actually were responsible and initiated Christ's death on the cross.

Jesus left us with the commission to receive the power He demonstrated and to go out be and to do what he had been doing.

Jesus predicted that this religious system was to end. It was built on human effort and was going to lead to disaster for those that would continue to teach and hold people accountable to this system

As the apostles began to teach "The Way",  church leaders of that day opposed it and actually were the main obstacle of this Gospel advancing to their people and abroad. This all took place in the years 30AD - 70AD. They persecuted those who taught or believed in the new life in relationship with Jesus. Even when the apostles performed the same signs and wonders Jesus said they would.

This lead to religious division amongst themselves, mainly in Jerusalem and created an atmosphere of war within the city to the point that the Roman government had to destroy the city along with the temple. This also fulfilled the prophecy of Jesus, explained in Matthew 24 as "the end of the world as they knew it" or the end of the Old Covenant and now with the temple gone the emphasis would be that Holy Spirit would not be limited to a place but be with and in us.

Phase II of this website has questions about OT vs NT and as explained to this point, would have the transition of the Old Covenant to the New Covenant cover a period of 40-50 years and then ongoing from that point (70AD) on. We will explore church history and ask questions to help us understand the timing of God's plan.

Is it NOW or is it for FUTURE?

Is it for LIFE HERE or AFTER

Have we really even started?


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                                                         A History Lesson
The Roman Empire back in AD300's introduced Christianity to be the number one religion for the people of that day. That's amazing but it didn't work out very well as time progressed and they had to make some adjustments to bring order to a church that now was in a mess.
This is when hell was introduced by the clergy of that day as a place you go after you die with no hope, no return and eternal torment and they used the Bible which was also assembled in AD300's out of context to teach this new theology.
This was a lie and put enough fear in the people to bring order back into people's lives and their church meetings.
Impact today>
This lie then developed into standard Christian theology to this day. Now if you put hell as a future place the next thing that is put into the future is heaven and so as we look today at most Christian environments, they still believe and adhere to some form of this lie.
The truth is that Jesus never said we have to die to get to either place. When Jesus spoke of hell he was illustrating much of the life many were experiencing at that time (30AD) in a very violent culture and He taught an a opposite life style of non-violence which he was preparing for us to have here on earth. The life without Jesus would continue to be like hell (Gehenna - Greek).  The life He was bringing to those who would believe was the Heavenly life available to all and to be experienced in the present.             (John 10:10)
He said that in Him we could have a full life here on earth which is heaven on earth and life outside of Him only leads to distress which is hell on earth.
The Gospel is just better than we thought. Please do your own research on this and you will see this lie really happened and it's effect is evident today.

John 10:10

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